31 Mar 2014

3 People To Never Ignore At Work

Sometimes when you’re wrapped up in your work–or on Facebook, or in reading The Grindstone–you may be tempted to ignore some business people and associates to keep your momentum going. If you plan on responding to these people later when you’re not busy, that’s one thing. But ignoring some of these folks completely? That’s a big no-no. Here are three people to never, ever ignore at work.

Customers and clients
Dude, I worked in customer service for a while when I was in school, and believe me, I know it’s not easy. But leaving a bitchy customer on hold is only going to make her bitchier and your boss more pissed off when she finds out you dropped the ball. Do the best that you can, delegating if you have to, but don’t just ignore a client or a customer. If you have to end a conversation, say so politely and keep your fingers crossed that they don’t call you back.

Job applicants

Of course, if you get a stack of unqualified job applicants, you don’t need to call every single one of them and explain why they weren’t your top choice. But if you took the time to interview someone for a position, even if you don’t hire them, please have the courtesy to not leave them hanging.

Your own coworkers
If Josh in accounting is being a douchebag and you don’t have to directly interact with him to get your job done, that’s one thing. But if Susie in the cube next to you is your partner on a project and is annoying, you cannot ignore her. Your best bet is to tell Susie nicely, “That’s cool, but I really need to focus right now.” If it’s an underling who’s being a PITA, they may just need encouragement, clearer instructions or some more training. And if it’s your boss? Good luck, sister. Even I can’t help you there.

Courtesy of The grindstone

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