14 Apr 2014

Call for Expressions of Interest - Kenya Semi-Arid Livestock Enhancement Support (K-Sales) Program

Kenya Semi-Arid Livestock Enhancement Support (K-Sales) Program

Call for Expressions of Interest

Over 3 years, the USDA – Kenya Semi-Arid Livestock Enhancement Support (K-SALES) Program will improve the competitiveness of the livestock value chain by increasing productivity and boost marketing and trade of live animals and meat (cattle and shoat) hides and skins value chains.

K- SALES interventions will increase the availability of quality enhancing inputs, technologies and services, while increasing adoption of improved livestock and farm
management techniques.

The project will also stimulate and leverage public and private investment in infrastructure and technologies through matching grants that strengthen vertical and horizontal linkages through capacity building and mentorships to improve linkages between buyers and sellers, buy-down risk of investment and reduce transaction costs in 6 Counties; namely Tharaka Nithi, Meru, Kitui, Makueni, Machakos and Taita Taveta.

K-SALES is seeking expressions of interest from qualified and highly experienced firms, eligible local facilitators/consultancy firms, consortiums, NGOs, CBOs, training institutions, business associations, private sector business service providers, financial service providers and livestock sector stakeholders to indicate their interest to partner with us in implementing sustainable interventions in the livestock sector.

Upcoming assignments will be tendered on a competitive basis to any organization that is pre-qualified with K-SALES. Successful applicants will be eligible to respond to bids issued by the program.

Women owned/managed firms are strongly encouraged to apply.

Applicants must identify and select which category they wish to partner in from the following:

Codes and Categories

  • Agro-dealers
  • Veterinarian Businesses
  • Water User Associations and Community water systems Design & Rehabilitation
  • Livestock Farmer Cooperatives
  • Livestock Marketing agents
  • Financial Services
  • County Slaughter houses/Butcheries/Tanneries
  • Livestock Product Outlets eg supermarkets
  • Capacity building trainers
  • Post-Harvest Handling and Processing
  • Livestock Farmer Field Schools
  • On farm and Off farm Infrastructure Development

Completed Expressions of Interest including Company Profile (with insight into the principal activities of the company / Business) and Capability Statements should be sent to clearly indicating the Code Number and Category being applied for.

The EOI must refer to the call number, and have the following details; Organization’s name, area/s of operation, contact person and address, registration status and physical location.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 28th April 2014.

Kenya Semi-Arid Livestock Enhancement Support (K-Sales) Program

Call for Concept Notes
(K-SALES-2014-002)Kenya Semi-Arid Livestock Enhancement Support (K-SALES) is a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 3 year funded project that aims to improve the competitiveness of the cattle, sheep and goats meat value chains by increasing productivity and boost marketing and trade of live animals and meat (cattle and shoat), hides and skins and other associated livestock by-products.

The project will be implemented in 6 counties within the Semi-Arid Area Zone 2; namely; Machakos, Makueni, Kitui, Meru, Tharaka Nithi and Taita Taveta.

The purpose of this call is to notify prospective applicants of the release of 4 Annual Program Statements (APS) listed below as developed by K-SALES:

APS no. 1 – K-SALES -1 -LOL 2014 Post Harvest Handling and Sanitary Standards
APS no. 2 – K-SALES -2 -LOL 2014 Water and Infrastructure
APS no. 3 – K-SALES -3 -LOL 2014 County Livestock Trade shows
APS no. 4 – K-SALES -4 –LOL 2014 Farmer Field School Modeling
K-SALES invites prospective applicants to develop and submit concept notes in response to the above APSs.

Applicants with capable short-listed concept papers will thereafter be invited to submit full applications.

Eligibility criteria
K-SALES seek applications from locally registered Kenyan organizations under and in compliance with the laws of Kenya Government directly involved in the following value chains; cattle, sheep and goat meat, hides and skins and other related livestock by-products.

The following types of partners may apply;

  • Farmer Organizations and business entities that must demonstrate the capacity to raise at least 20% as cost share either in kind of in cash.
  • Organizations and companies which are directly involved in the meat processing industry, hides and skins and other value adding activities
  • Extension and market services providers in cattle, sheep and goats meat value chains
  • Local traders and other professional associations and cooperatives in the cattle, sheep and goats meat sector
  • Inspection, training and verification agencies on post-harvest handling and sanitary standards with respect to the meat value chain.
  • Private water engineering companies, associations, NGOs and water service providers in increasing access of clean water systems for livestock production
  • Organizations offering financial services i.e. agriculture based lending to the livestock sector
  • Capacity building firms offering organizational, BDS and value chain development trainings on improved agricultural techniques and farm management practices.
  • Livestock producer and marketing associations who organize trade shows and related events

K-SALES reserves the right to make or not make any awards where as a part or in full on an application.

Issuance of the referred APS neither constitutes an award commitment on the part of K-SALES nor does it commit K-SALES to pay for costs incurred in the preparation and submission of any application.

Submission date: All interested application can access the Annual program Statements by emailing clearly stating the number for the APS being sought.

The first round deadline for submission of Concept papers is 5.00pm (EAT) Wednesday 30th April 2014.

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