4 Apr 2014

Kenyatta National Hospital Hospital Wide Customer Satisfaction Survey - Expression of Interest

Kenyatta National Hospital
Hospital Wide Customer Satisfaction Survey 2013/2014
Expression of Interest

The KNH vision is to be a world class patient centered specialized care hospital. It is committed to optimizing patients experience through innovative healthcare; facilitate training and research; and participate in national health policy.

The hospital also conducts research either directly or through other co-operating health institutions.

Scope and Objectives of the Customer Satisfaction Survey: The main objective of the
survey will be to assess patients, suppliers and other customers’ perception of the level and quality of service delivery and whether their service expectations are being met by the Hospital.

Specifically, the survey should:

  • Have a national coverage since KNH is a national hospital;
  • Determine compliance with the Customer Satisfaction parameters in the Board Performance Contract per Government guidelines stated below;
  • Determine the quality of service delivery as perceived by the patients, suppliers and other customers of the hospital;
  • Develop a composite measure of patient satisfaction, suppliers satisfaction and other customers’ satisfaction and use it to determine the current satisfaction index for the services provided and the overall rating of satisfaction for the whole hospital;
  • Assess satisfaction with regard to waiting times, medical procedures and ease of getting appointments (access to services);
  • Establish the extent, to which the hospital is adhering to the patients service delivery charter;
  • Identify the gaps in service delivery:
  • Identify the sources (types) and frequency of patients, suppliers and other customers complaints in regard to service delivery;
  • Establish the effectiveness of complaints resolution and the current mechanism of addressing patients, suppliers and other customer complaints;
  • Determine the level of professionalism, integrity, and fairness of KNH staff in the course of performing their work;
  • Determine corruption perception index
  • Propose service improvement measures;
  • Determine the public’s general services level of awareness on KNH Healthcare
  • Determine public perception index on the KNH brand
  • Determine the public perception index on corruption in KNH

Requirement of Eligible Consultants

  • Provide the statutory registration documents which include copies of PIN, VAT, Certificate of incorporation/Registration and Tax clearance certificate.
  • Demonstrate financial and organizational strength by attaching financial statements and audited accounts for the last 2 years that will be evaluated using financial ratios.
  • The lead consultant should provide CVs for other key staff where at least three (3) key personnel should have a blend of the relevant MA qualifications in economics, statistics, MBA in Management and public health.
  • Provide details of similar assignments recently undertaken for equally large organizations, including client lists (certified copies by the purchaser).
  • Provide company profile including physical address and telephone contacts.
  • The firm must have carried out at least 5 similar surveys in the area of customer/patients satisfaction surveys.
  • The firm must have carried out related analytical work in Government institutions.

Interested bidders or their representative are invited to witness the opening to be held in the Hospital’s Administration Block.

The documents should be addressed to:-

The Chief Executive Officer
Kenyatta National Hospital
P. O. Box 20723 – 00202

And deposit in the Tender Box located at the entrance into Administration Block so as to reach not later than 11/04/2014 at 10.00 a.m.

Any submissions done later than the indicated closing date and time shall automatically be disqualified.

For more information please visit the KNH Website on

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