10 Apr 2014

Mobius Motors Project Planner Job Vacancy

Mobius Motors designs, manufactures, and sells highly durable, highly affordable vehicles for Africa’s mass market. Our vehicles create a transport platform that empowers local entrepreneurs to run profitable transportation services to end-users in their communities.

We are seeking an exceptional early-mid career professional to coordinate our technical and operations teams to deliver diverse and complex projects from inception to launch.

The role will require a close working relationship across the Mobius management team, particularly with the Integration Manager and Supply Chain Manager.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:
Project Planning

  • Develop, manage and communicate robust project plans across the organisation – ensure key stakeholders are identified and kept regularly updated on progress and escalate risks/issues accordingly.
  • Map project plan dependencies between engineering, supply chain, production, procurement, aftersales and sales and marketing functions.
  • Work closely with technical and operations staff to monitor the status of project line items and proactively identify and mitigate risks and issues.
  • Maintain a rigorous risk and issue log for tasks on each project – ensure key stakeholders are kept regularly informed.
  • Produce professional, simple and error-free documents to Mobius management and leadership.
  • Develop a simple and quick process for team members to feed status updates into a central project management system.
  • Develop simply and robust project management dashboards for both team and cross-functional projects – present dashboard to Mobius leadership as appropriate.
  • Maintain historical log of deadlines to better understand actual man-hours dedicated to each task – analyse historical plans to effectively allocate proper resources and lead times to new projects.

Communication and Facilitation

  • Facilitate efficient daily cross-functional standing meetings to ensure team projects are on track for timely completion.
  • Present regular project management dashboard to Mobius leadership and project leads.


  • An ideal candidate should combine outstanding technical skills in project management with excellent interpersonal and communication skills to work effectively with a multidisciplinary team.
  • They should be adept to quickly grasp organisational interdependencies and be comfortable organising complex information into actionable plans.


  • Bachelor degree (minimum) in a quantitative subject
  • 3.4 GPA or higher from a top university worldwide
  • 4+ years related experience in project management
  • Excellent problem solving ability in a cross-functional and multi-cultural environment; able to define problems, collect relevant data, extract meaning from data, and draw valid conclusions
  • Strong analytical skills with regards to data manipulation and the ability to create information from data
  • Ability to effectively communicate timelines and project progress with both internal and external management teams
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Ability to quickly grasp high level concepts and develop actionable plans even with initial limited understanding of technical concepts
  • Exceptional intellectual curiosity and ability to seek clarity on information they do not understand from Mobius staff and personal external research
  • Ability to take ownership and accountability of project timeline and results
  • Strong technical writing ability; able to read and interpret drawings
  • Proficiency in Project, Viso, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Visio
  • Ability to adapt to a dynamic working environment and work within a diverse team
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Extreme patience and a good sense of humour
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to work effectively with others; ability to communicate potentially negative information in an effective way
  • A start-up personality; entrepreneurial, ambitious, independent, systematic attention to detail, structured thinker, goal oriented, flexible, and able to deal well with setbacks
  • Fluency in English


  • 6+ years related experience in project management or operations
  • Knowledge of manufacturing, equipment and process within final assembly, body shop, paint shop and powertrain
  • Fluency in Kiswahili (the national language of Kenya)

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