30 May 2014

Starting A New Job: Hit The Ground Running

Once you have overcome the major hurdle of landing that dream job the hard work has only just begun.

Rightly or wrongly the impression you make within the first weeks and months at a new company is the one that tends to stick with you, so it is important to hit the ground running. I have always maintained that the first 100 days are the most important in a new job, so here are some tips to make the right impression from the very outset.

Give yourself a breather
It is important to start a new job in the right frame of mind and to be ready to take on the new challenge. Rather than jumping straight into a new role it makes sense to take the opportunity to give yourself a breather. Have a week or two off between jobs to recharge the batteries and to give yourself time to properly prepare for the new challenges ahead.

Do your research

You should have done your research during the application process but there is no harm in finding out as much as you can about your new employers. Talk to people who work for the company and spend some time on the internet looking for any information you can glean. If possible pop into your new office briefly and introduce yourself to your future colleagues. Remember that knowledge is power and the more information you have, the better prepared you will be for your new role. However do not get sucked into the trap of believing gossip or getting involved in any internal politics – this will not help you in terms of relaxing, and it could make a bad impression on others.

Dress for success
The way you are dressed on your first day at the office will tell your colleagues and boss exactly what sort of approach you are taking. If it is a highly professional environment you do not want to appear casual, because that is exactly how you will be taken. Things like scuffed shoes for example might seem like a minor detail, but they give off the impression that you do not pay enough attention to detail. The same applies in reverse – if the business is more relaxed and casual then you don’t exactly need to wear a three-piece suit! Take a look at your ‘work wardrobe’ and if necessary go out and get a few new items. It can be easy to let things slip if you have been at the same place for a long time. Dressing well and looking good will not only help to make the right impression - it will also help you to feel much more confident about yourself.

Have an open mind
It is important to remember that different organisations tend to do things in different ways. You have been chosen for your own skills and experiences but taking on a new job will mean learning new ways of doing things. Just because you have always gone about tasks in a certain way does not mean you have been taking the right approach for this particular company. The key is to be ready and willing to accept the changes that are almost certainly heading your way.

Be a self-starter
It is vital to be enthusiastic and full of energy when you start a new job. You will probably be given small tasks to start off with, but once these are done don’t be afraid to ask for more if you think you can handle it. If there’s one thing which impresses employers above everything, it is people who are proactive. The same applies to your colleagues - there are bound to be people on your team who need a hand with certain tasks and they will appreciate you giving them a hand.

Above all though, I would urge all new starters to have self-belief. Remember you have landed the job because your new company admired your abilities and personality – so let this shine through immediately.

 ~ Linked In

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