22 Jun 2014

Laboratory Technician Job Vacancy

Wärtsilä Eastern Africa – Gulf Power Plant (Athi River) is looking for a person to fill a position whose main responsibilities are:-

Application deadline 2014-06-27

Position description

  • Analyse and specify chemical products to be used in the plant as directed by Operations Manager.
  • Co-ordinate the obtaining and analysis of fuel oil samples, treated engine water, boiler water and effluents.
  • Define the products to be used in maintenance
  • Enter the daily results into a database for analysis and for warranty claim purposes.
  • Instruct and monitor the procedures for the use and stocking of chemical products.
  • Maintain a database and analyse the data.
  • Make requested analyses and submit the results to the Operations Manager.
  • Obtain lube oil and fuel samples from engine, auxiliary equipment and plant systems.
  • Obtain samples of lubricating oil and motor fuel, auxiliary equipment and systems of the plant.
  • Perform required analysis and submit results to Operations Manager.
  • Recommend to the Operations Manager correct dosages and/or blow down frequency and duration required to maintain the water chemistry within acceptable limits.
  • Record analytical results of tests and determinations.
  • Remove samples of cooling water of the engines, boiler water, of the discharge originating from the trays of oily water and of the separator unit of water and oil (sludge treatment).
  • Take daily samples of water from the boilers, the engine cooling water, discharge from the Sludge treatment Unit, and the sewage treatment plant.
  • Verify the use and stocking of the chemical products within safety regulations.
  • Monitor and record monthly chemical consumption and stock level and coordinate with chemical supplier on supply replenishment. Prepare monthly report on chemical consumption to Operations Manager.
  • Sets up and modifies laboratory, bench scale , observes and records.


  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Data interpretation & analysis
  • Report preparation & Presentation skills
  • Higher national diploma in Analytical Chemistry.
  • 5 years experience in gathering and analyzing water and other fluid samples, preferably in an industrial environment.


Job area :Contract Delivery

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