12 Jun 2014

Slum TV Board of Directors Opportunities

Slum TV is a grassroots media organization based in Mathare, a large slum in Nairobi, Kenya. The basic premise behind Slum TV is to provide the communities in the Slums of Kenya with a means of documenting and representing what is happening in their neighborhoods, primarily for the local audience, but also for a national and international public.

Slum TV is an outlet for young people in Mathare to talk about what they felt was important, rather than perpetuate existing perceptions of informal urban settlements. Slum TV provides the tools for self-representation and expression but does not define the content. This is a live process, and is constantly developing and evolving through projects.

With a vision of radically redefining the image and reality of the informal settlements, Slum TV uses film as an empowerment and development tool. Slum TV collaborates and
networks with other similar minded organizations to raise awareness and call for action, nationally and internationally about the lives of informal settlement dwellers.

As an organization, Slum TV has passed its formative stage and is now ready to take on bolder initiatives, to increase coverage beyond Mathare, reach a wider audience nationally and internationally, and provide for broader impacts for young film makers in the slums, and their communities.

In this regard, Slum TV is seeking committed and passionate individuals to serve in its Board of Directors. These positions are purely voluntary. We are seeking individuals who are interested in working with people in the slums, preferably but not limited to people in the following vocations; film making, training, business. Men and women are highly encouraged to apply.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to engage their passions into a truly worthy cause, network with other committed individuals, and gain skills and experience in managing nonprofit boards.

If you feel you are that kind of a person drop us a line and CV at copy to

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