9 Jul 2014

Transcriber Somali Job in Kenya

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Department: Transcription


The main task involves listening to audio recordings in Somali speech and typing out what is said or fixing the given Somali text to match the audio. The dialects we are working with in this project are the Northern dialect and the coastal, Benaadir, dialect spoken in Mogadishu.

Location: Virtual, work from home

You will be required to transcribe Somali speech recordings.


  • Must be a native speaker of Somali (as spoken in Somalia)
  • Must be currently residing in Kenya
  • Must have access to a computer and reliable internet connection with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox
  • Must have good spelling skills
  • Minimum availability 10 hrs/wk, flexible hours
  • Ability to follow complex instructions

You will be asked to register ( and specify that you are a Somali speaker.

Please then sit the Somali spelling test via the ‘Qualifications’ tab. If you are fluent in other languages you can attempt any relevant tests once registered.

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