15 Sep 2014

Cook / Chef Job Vacancy (Part time )

Company: The Thai Place
Location: Ngong Rd, near Kenya Science

Depending on experience plus a dividend of sales plus a vote in the direction of the companyCompany: The Thai Place provides a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the best Thai food in Kenya – every day we get better at providing a great experience.

The restaurant has been in operation for half a month and at this early stage requires very attentive and visionary employees.

We believe that staff should be involved in the decision-making and direction of the company.

We believe that guests should be involved in shaping their experience.

We are located next to Brew Bistro on Ngong Road.

Job Description: 
The position is part time 5p-12a Friday-Sunday until we have enough guests to keep the restaurant open full time.

The Cook/Chef will:

  • Be in charge of all cooking
  • Manage stocks
  • Be involved in hiring other cooks, waiters, dishwashers, etc
  • Co-develop new dishes
  • Source fresh and dry ingredients
  • Assist in making drinks
  • Develop kitchen workflow and improve restaurant flow
  • Other responsibilities that may arise

Job Requirements:

  • Previous paid experience working in a reputable kitchen
  • A creative approach to cooking
  • A desire to build the company

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