2 Sep 2014

Director of Sales Job Vacancy

Reports To : General Manager

Purpose Of Job :
To be responsible for the efficiency of the sales department to meet the highest expectation ofthe hotels in terms of sales, profitability and image. Also to supervise both hotels personnel in Chaingmai and pattaya as to achieve the dual sales strategy in order to achieve the sales business revenue with target for both hotels.

Responsibilities And Means

  • Establishes sales and marketing plan, and budget in corporation with other director of sales &marketing of to reflect the companies and the hotels goals and objectives.
  • Follows, reviews, and improve the Sales and Marketing Standards and Policies at all times.
  • Manages, coaches, and plans effectively to motivate all sales personnel to do the best they can to achieve the departmental as well as the hotels goals.
  • Works closely with corporate sales division in managing and supervising the sales departments
  • Establishes the hotel s rate structure in accordance with company s policies and hotels objectives.
  • Establishes departmental procedures for approaching a contact from the initial calls to documentation and follow-up.
  • Maintains and upgrades communication networks to ensure that the hotels are having a competitive advantage in information and sales leads.
  • Liaises with concerned departments to ensure that operations will deliver the best quality products to the clients.
  • Analyses the sales results and recommends ways to improve or solves the problems.
  • Furnishes sales monthly reports on a timely basis.
  • Meets regularly with hotel department heads to review sales efforts and provide feedback from customers.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Appraises performance of sales employee periodically according to human resources policy and initiates appropriate corrective measures to improve deficiencies.
  • Exercises administrative supervision on sales employee which includes personnel requisition, disciplinary, promotion and training, approves leave and overtime requests.
  • Checks and ensures that the jobs assigned to subordinates have been effectively completed on the timely basis and according to hotel s expectation.
  • Recommends corrective actions for unfavorable variances in job standards and budget commitment.
  • Proposes and executes an effective duty to ensure sufficiency of manpower in accordance to volume of business
  • Establishes two-way communication within and related departments.
  • Communicates effectively with guests, subordinates, immediate supervisors and other section heads.
  • Attends daily briefing and departmental meetings as assigned by supervisor.
  • Manages time effectively by meeting deadlines on time.
  • Identifies and solves problems in a professional manner.
  • Assists others to ensure the operation is run smoothly and effectively.

Technical Responsibilities

  • Knows, understands, and reviews the job description of all positions in the department and be able to perform the task as required.
  • Knows and understands policies of the department well and can guide others to perform the job well.
  • Recognizes and able to manage to maintain good quality products and presentation.
  • Checks, reviews, and proposes service standards established by the company.
  • Provides assistance to the employee when required.
  • Maintains self and all personnel s grooming standards.
  • Concerns and promotes the hotel s environmental programs and other programs which areorganized by the hotel and employees.
  • Manages wastes by reducing and recycling the wastes, carefully use of resources.
  • Approves and be responsible for the requisition point and par stock of products used by the department.

Commercial Responsibilities

  • Communicates effectively with guest, clients, business partners and staff.
  • To be a good sales person to promote hotel s image and businesses.
  • Participates community projects or activities in order to promoting the hotel s image and cooperation to improve community relationship.

Human Responsibilities:

  • To be evaluated according to the performance evaluation program.
  • Attends training as required by the company and to develop him/herself to grow effectively.
  • Motivates all employees to grow within the company.


  • Reports to guru.
  • Coordinates with all concerned personnel to ensure that all activities are accomplished.
  • Interacts with clients, guests, government officials, supplies, and other important individual in the community in promoting the hotel.
  • Placement And Temporary Mission
  • May be rotated in the operation of the other areas or hotels to enhance his skills and career development.

Sales In Hotel:

  • Rooms Sales.
  • Function Sales.

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