24 Sep 2014

Senior Associate Supply Chain Job Vacancy

Senior Associate: Supply Chain
Ref Code: Eng-02
Location: Nairobi
Deadline: October 1 (Applications Are Reviewed On A Rolling Basis)
Reporting To: Manager: Engineering And Research
Start Date: November 1, 2014

About Evidence Action: Evidence 
Action is assuming management and growth responsibility for two programs tested and incubated at Innovations for Poverty Action that are currently making a difference in the lives of millions of people in Africa and Asia: the Deworm the World Initiative (DTW) and Dispensers for Safe Water Initiative (DSW). Evidence Action scales proven development interventions and crafts resilient business models for long run success.

About Dispensers for Safe Water: 
Each year, over 1.8 million children under the age of five die from diarrhea, a leading cause of which is unsafe drinking water. DSW is an entrepreneurial team tasked with
scaling the Chlorine Dispenser System (CDS) – a proven innovation for dramatically expanding access to water treatment at extremely low cost.

DSW’s work is growing rapidly – we currently serve over 1 million people in Kenya, our primary country of operations, and plan to reach 25 million in the next 5 years. Our program has ambitious plans to expand in 2-3 countries in the coming 2 years.

Our work is based on strong proof of Chlorine Dispenser impact – a randomized controlled trial in Western Kenya demonstrated a six-fold increase in the number of households treating their water with chlorine. Such a dramatic expansion in safe water usage will prevent over 1.4 million cases of diarrhea and 1,300 child deaths each year once we reach our Kenya target of 5 million people served.

About the position:
The Senior Associate Supply Chain will be a key member of the Engineering, Supply and Innovations team, providing strategic oversight and planning of the dispenser hardware supply chain. They will be one of two key staff on the Manufacture, Maintenance and Supply Team. This team focuses on delivering and optimizing current hardware-related operations.

They must ensure all custom products for Program delivery are available in the most cost-effective way to programs in a timely manner. They will be focused in ensuring the lifetime cost of a product is minimized and that the supply chains are well-designed and cost-effective.

The Senior Associate: Supply Chain will ensure hardware is imported, assembled, and shipped to our field programs in the most cost-effective manner. Their time will be shared equally between imports, exports, and domestic logistics, with a particular focus on finding cost-savings in our supply chain.

The initial focus will be on cutting costs in our international imports, as this has the biggest opportunity for cost savings. As our international programs grow, there will be an increasing need to coordinate export logistics, examine new supply chain structures, cost out different regional manufacturing options, and be a client-serving face to the overall order process.

Key responsibilities:
Import and international suppliers:

  • Identify and negotiate with international suppliers to ensure transparent and cost-effective sourcing
  • Through understanding of shipping options, and the implications on tax, transit times, and overall risk
  • Developing order plans to ensure time and cost-effectiveness of orders
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Using our growth plans, map out options for regional and global manufacturing hubs
  • Develop optimal dispenser hardware and chlorine resupply models
  • Map out current supply chain and identify key areas for improvement

Client Serving order lead:

  • Be the point person for all programs to order and manage dispenser hardware orders
  • Lead on all exports to ensure goods are delivered cost and time-efficiently
  • Standards and registration lead:
  • Work with KEBS to standardize necessary components
  • Register our product with a Kenyan Certificate of Origin
  • Work with Uganda, Malawi and possible expansion countries to document our products as necessary

Key Attributes:

  • Keen planner- be prepared to show evidence of effective planning and strategic thinking
  • Independent, proactive and willing to take initiative
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Enthusiastic to take on a role with significant responsibility while developing personally and professionally
  • Keen to quickly step into a position in a fast-paced, rapidly-growing program
  • Motivated by the program’s high potential for widespread impact on global health
  • Interested in a work environment that is flexible, creative, and constantly changing
  • Demonstrations of enthusiasm and commitment in the discharge supply and logistics duties


  • At least 5 years experience managing complicated supply chains- particularly between China and East Africa.
  • Bachelor’s degree in logistics, supply chain, or similar field.
  • Experience with KEBS/COMESA registration
  • Contacts with suppliers in China and Kenya

To apply, please submit a CV/Resume, Cover Letter, and Design Portfolio to:

Indicate the REF CODE and TITLE on the subject line. (ENG-02 Senior Associate Supply Chain)

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