18 Aug 2015

Career Options Africa Ltd Vacancies Under the Domestic Staff Package

Introduction:The package is designed to provide friendly, reliable and cost effective domestic staff recruitment and outsourcing services to expatriates, senior corporate executives and business people who are looking for high caliber (competent, trustworthy and reliable) domestic staff on recruitment only or on outsourced staff basis where Career

Options Africa Ltd contracts the domestic staff but deploys them to work at clients’ homes.

Our services are targeted at middle to high income employers who must be willing to pay salaries at or above the statutory minimum wage level set by the government and provide all statutory benefits including NSSF, NHIF and Work injury and Benefit insurance.

We are therefore seeking to recruit highly competent cooks, house assistants, nannies/baby tenderers, drivers, gardeners and security guards with at least 2 years’ continuous working experience and the competencies listed below.

Core Competencies
Our intensive recruitment process is built around the identified core competencies for each of the domestic position in our Domestic Employee Package;

1. Cook
Food preparation
Food preservation and safety
Kitchen safety
Food service
Kitchen hygiene

2. House Assistant
Food preparation and service
Basic house security precautions
Basic child care
Basics of child upbringing

3. Nanny
Baby care
Baby hygiene
Baby food preparation
Baby feeding
Baby health check basics

4. Driver
Motor vehicle operation
Defensive driving basics
Basic motor vehicle maintenance
Traffic Act basics

5. Gardener
Gardening basics
Lawn care
Landscaping basics
Pest control basics

6. Security Guard
Access control
Security alarm basics

D. Application
Interested candidates to send CV only to

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