27 Mar 2017

Data Officer Business Intelligence Kilifi, Kenya

Who we are
Komaza is revolutionizing African forestry by unlocking the potential for small farmers to serve booming wood markets. With roots in San Francisco and headquarters in coastal Kenya, we have planted over 2 million trees with more than 6,000 farmers, making us Kenya’s largest commercial tree planter. By leveraging farmers’ contribution of land and labor, Komaza can access effectively
limitless land and establish a hectare of trees for far less than big plantations – a powerful disruption to the traditional forestry model. We have been recognized with numerous awards and investments, including Forbes, Ashoka, Mulago Foundation, and Novastar Ventures.

About the team
Data plays a critical role at Komaza - by putting a smartphone in the hand of every single Field Extension agent, we are able to collect and analyze real-time information on all aspects of our value chain from Planting to Sales. Working in close collaboration with the Technology Development team (who create custom software to collect and store this data) Business Intelligence is the central nervous system of information at Komaza, and is tasked with designing new visualization tools, dashboards and human systems for leveraging data in our day-to-day operations. A core focus of the department is defining and managing the seams between our diverse data systems. Business Intelligence also runs our internal data science center, and is constantly asking and answering the question: how can we push the limits of using data and analysis to deliver better, faster, more effective service to our farmers and customers?

About this role
Komaza’s growing team of data entry administrators play a critical connecting role between our field extension network and our operational directors. As Data Officer, you are responsible for motivating and monitoring your team to consistently deliver productive accurate results on all data entry and validation activities within your department.

What You Will Do

  • Create a daily agenda and set daily targets for your team
  • Take responsibility for and hold your team to a high standard of productivity and accuracy
  • Participate consistently in data entry and validation tasks to both boost team performance and better understand any unforeseen challenges or questions
  • Monitor productivity dashboards and troubleshoot any individual or team dips in performance
  • Maintain high-spirits and motivation through the design of break activities and rewards for good performance
  • Build trust with your team to seek you out immediately with any questions and be a reliable resource for providing helpful information
  • Solicit regular feedback from the team and report regularly to management on any new task challenges or unanswered questions
  • Present productivity status updates to management and help deliver forecasts on dates of completion
  • Take initiative to ask for help and suggest new ideas for continuous improvement
  • Act as a critical source of enthusiasm, inspiration, inquiry and leadership for your team and managers

What You Will Have

  • Bachelor’s Degree with strong academic marks,
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and WhatsApp, strong computer & math skills
  • Comfort working in a company that acts and feels a lot like a startup (dynamic, unstructured, and frequently changing), but at the same time has global reach and ambitious international expansion plans.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications, leadership and interpersonal skills

You’re also

  • High energy and enthusiasm; Flexible and self-motivated with the drive to do whatever necessary to get the job done
  • Comfort working in a company that acts and feels a lot like a startup (dynamic, unstructured, and frequently changing), but at the same time has global reach and ambitious international expansion plans.
  • Self-directed and intellectually curious - you know how and when to seek feedback in the pursuit of continuous improvement
  • Growth-obsessed with a strong desire for personal development
  • A collaborative problem solver who seeks the opinions of other teammates and departments in the development of creative and sustainable systems

What we expect
You are a good fit for Komaza if you want to make a meaningful commitment to this role for a minimum of 2+ years.

This role is based at our headquarters in Kilifi, Kenya for the foreseeable future.

The role offers competitive salary and benefits with potential for further career growth.

Click here to apply

Application deadline is the 16th April 2017

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