31 Mar 2017

Devops Engineer Job at Sendy

The role is for someone who has experience in managing cloud infrastructure and gets excited about building high-performing, scalable, consumer applications.

We believe in end-to-end ownership of projects. For any given project, we have one person on point. While they don’t necessarily have to do all the work themselves, it’s their job to make sure all the
work gets done. We launch betas and prototypes as early as we can this helps ensure that we’re building what users actually want.

We have a sticky notes wall and release a few times a week. We keep the team in sync with daily stand-ups and have a retrospective once a month to discuss things that are going well and opportunities for improvements. Although we have strong opinions, we’re never afraid to try to new things to see if they work and reconsider our positions if the situation warrants it.


  • Design, build, and maintain the core infrastructure used by all of Sendy’s engineering teams
  • Develop and promote conventions on production readiness
  • Participate in design reviews and production reviews for new features, products, or pieces of infrastructure
  • Debug production issues across services and levels of the stack
  • Improve common operational challenges with tooling
  • Plan for the growth of Sendy’s infrastructure
  • Work with engineering teams to ensure their products meet production standards
  • You’ll be working with product people. Your leaders are technical and committed to creating a magical experience for customers. You’ll deploy excellent work that moves the needle for people and businesses around the world.
  • We’ll surround you with people that love little details and bring out your best.

Job Qualifications

  • At least two years experience managing GNU Linux setups, with an appreciation of multi-node setups
  • Think about systems — their edge cases, failure modes, and life cycles
  • Understand the importance of observability, and have good intuitions about what to measure and how
  • Can identify toilsome manual tasks and automate them away
  • Strong systems audit expertise and appreciation of current security trends
  • Think clearly under pressure and work quickly and correctly in a crisis
  • Can debug complex problems across the whole stack
  • Hold yourself and others to a high bar when working with production
  • Strong understanding of both SQL and NoSQL paradigms
  • 3+ years experience designing, building, and operating large-scale production systems
  • Experience with AWS or other cloud providers
  • Experience with open-source databases (MySQL, Postgres, Redis, or others)

How to Apply
Please forward your CV and quick summary (one paragraph) on why you’re interested in the position to

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