3 Mar 2017

ICRAF Ccentre Program Research and Evaluation Specialist Job

Job Summary
Working with Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) team members as well as other AWARD staff, the Program Research and Evaluation Specialist (PRES) will raise AWARD’s global and regional profile as a leader in generating, curating, disseminating and applying evidence for gender responsive agricultural research and development.

The incumbent will assist the Senior Manager, M&E in overseeing AWARD’s Program research,
monitoring, evaluation and data analysis activities and ensure that they support the program (both internally and externally) in building an expertly informed focus on gender responsive agriculture for Africa.

The ideal candidate will be able to translate data on gender and agriculture into compelling narratives and action points, and share these in a variety of formats with key stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

Establish M&E System

  • Build on existing infrastructure to establish and manage an M&E system that ensures the collection and management of quality data throughout the program lifecycle; develop and maintain a uniform and consistent data collection and reporting methodology and schedule, ensuring consistent and timely application of all components of the M&E system. This includes establishing data quality protocols, as well as managing data and information for easy retrieval and analysis. In addition, the incumbent will:
  • Provide direction to the systems analyst and Program Assistant, Learning and Outreach.
  • Development of Program research, M&E initiatives and collaborations.
  • Contributes to management of research dissemination, documentation and reporting activities to ensure that messages, materials and reports are of high quality, and supportive to the strategic direction of AWARD.
  • Undertake overall M&E activities to ensure that data collection, analysis, and use are in line with the high standards expected from AWARD
  • Ensure synergies and triangulation between M&E, Communication, Programs, finance and administration and resource mobilization.

Collect and Analyze Data

  • Oversee the development, management, and application of a comprehensive electronic information management system for the program; maintain all M&E tracking forms and tools, ensuring data is up to date and accurate; coordinate timely collection and analysis of all data and information and facilitate internal reflection; collect and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data and information on critical assumptions throughout the program lifecycle, and track key performance indicators; supports ongoing critical analyses of initiative outcomes for program improvement and learning.

Compile, Manage and Report on Program Data

  • Ensure data are compiled and reported in in a timely and useful manner, in appropriate formats to key stakeholders (clients, partners, AWARD team, senior management, steering committee, and relevant donors); compile and manage all data sets, provide preliminary analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, and draft sections of internal and external reports; coordinate and manage the M&E calendar; provide updates and guidance on monitoring issues to senior management.

Document and Disseminate Knowledge

  • Process program data into knowledge and repackage it for various audiences in different formats; develop and disseminate various digital knowledge products such as publications, presentations, digital, and audio-visual content, for target audiences.

Support Key Evaluation Events

  • The PRES coordinates and oversees external partners and consultants to implement evaluation assessments.

Build Staff Capacity

  • Assess staff and partners’ M&E capacity and provide training and resources needed to collect data and use the M&E system for ongoing reflection, learning and reporting; train and guide staff and partners to understand and implement protocols, forms and guidelines for data collection, and analysis and reporting on both qualitative and quantitative data.


  • Excellent leadership, supervisory, planning and organization skills
  • Strong analytical skills, expertise in handling both qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Effective communication, presentation and problem handling skills.
  • Strong written and oral skills, and flexibility.
  • Must be digitally savvy with demonstrated affinity for electronic data management systems and other online tools.
  • Team building skills with collaborative management style.
  • Creative conceptual and analytical thinker.
  • Ability to establish goals and priorities for staff and evaluate performance.
  • Ability to forge and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of AWARD stakeholders.

 How to Apply
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