8 Mar 2017

Property Manager Job Vacancy

Your job title is Property Manager and you will report directly to the MANAGING DIRECTOR and dotted to the Head of Property Management

You will perform all duties as define on the below Job Description, and further, It is understood and agreed to by the Employee that the assignment, duties and responsibilities and reporting arrangements may be changed by the Employer in its sole discretion without causing termination or
changes of this agreement.


  • Issuing of invoices and collection of rent on timely basis.
  • Renewal of Mall leases as and when they expire in liaison with the landlord’s advocates.
  • Ensuring land rent and rates are paid on time and advising on other government statutory requirements regarding Mall operations.
  • Exhausting all the marketing avenues to ensure speedy occupancy of the Mall.
  • Identifying and approving only qualified organizations for participation in Mall activations.
  • Ensuring no illegal businesses operate within the compound and confines of the Mall.
  • Provision of repair work order budgets for approval by the landlord on a timely manner for planning purposes.
  • Coordination of service providers and ensuring the common services like lifts, generators, cleaning, parking etc operate seamlessly without hitches.
  • Reviewing of service provider contracts as and when they expire and advise the landlord accordingly.
  • Coordination of security services with the security company in the Mall and liaising with area security team to ensure constant updates on security matters within the area.
  • Ensuring utility bills are paid on time to avoid Mall interruptions.
  • Ensuring technical support personnel like plumbers and electricians assess the functionality of various appliances and equipment and update on the same on daily basis.
  • Publicize the Gateway Mall in liaison with the client on media and other forums to increase traffic for the tenants and yield high tenant retention.
  • Encourage the tenants to liaise with one another to develop mutually beneficial approaches to common issues, eg. crime prevention and publicity. To run regular consultative meetings to further the above and foster understanding between all parties involved in the activities of the Shopping Mall.
  • Foster, develop and maintain good working relationships with local residents.
  • Manage tenant’s complaints by following best practice customer relationship procedures, lease conditions and guidelines.
  • Enhance the existing Gateway Shopping Mall tenancy mix and shop configurations to maximize income for the landlord and profitability to the tenants.
  • Collection of service charge and availing accounts on the same in a timely manner. Manage budget throughout Service Charge Period highlighting any overspends or underspends as and when they arise.
  • Effective implementation of the Shopping Mall Health, Safety, Fire and legislation policies.
  • Ensure efficient emergency procedures are in place and that staff and tenants are fully trained in emergency response with particular emphasis on evacuation procedures.
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with all associated local statutory bodies.
  • Ensure that all service providers/contractors and tenants adhere and maintain good environmentally best practices in Gateway Shopping Mall.
  • Measure and manage service providers/ suppliers performance against agreed SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and KPIs (Key

Performance Indicators) in relation to Gateway Mall.

  • Ensure that the Help Desk has accurate and comprehensive data regarding the Gateway way Mall.
  • Create a culture of service excellence based on continuous improvement and productivity in the Mall.
  • Monitor and improve the levels of customer satisfaction in the delivery of our services in the Mall.
  • Ensure that records are held on safe custody and more so updated on our latest state of the art cloud technology system which is unmatched in the region.
  • Manage costs/outgoings for the Mall effectively by carrying out due diligence through competitive bidding and evaluation.
  • Provide relevant reports from time to time and ensure all staff in the Shopping Mall emulates the same.
  • Ensure all staff understands Shopping Mall business and customer requirements, operational and financial performance through implementation of formulated policies.
  • Identify training needs for Mall staff members and ensure the needs are met and results and impact evaluated.
  • Work closely with Shopping Mall team members to avoid labor turnover by proactively managing staff issues and complaints.
  • You shall ensure that all systems are updated i.e. Buildium, Secure Doc and Team Work as per instruction given.
  • You shall continuously update the management on all activities on the adopted platforms.
  • Any other duties as directed by the management or any other person appointed by the management

How to Apply 
If you feel you fit the above role CLICK HERE to apply

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