6 Jun 2017

Talent Acquisition Manager Job in Kenya

Reports to: Country Director, Operations Director

Peers: People and Culture Lead, Facilities Manager, Facilitation Manager, Apprenticeship Manager

Clients: Hiring managers for positions within Nairobi, Operations Director, Country Director

More about the role
Andela recognizes that talent will remain a central driver in our journey towards success of our mission. As such, we are committed to hiring the best and most passionate individuals. The hiring manager will lead the efforts towards such hires in Kenya.


  • Collecting and updating all hiring requirements from all hiring managers for positions to be filled within the country.
  • Creating, in tandem with the hiring managers, suitable job descriptions for use in the hiring process
  • Collating all other necessary information from hiring managers necessary for the successful hiring of potential candidates.
  • Setting out hiring timelines for each position they are required to hire for and keeping within the set timelines
  • Sourcing for candidates via the most appropriate channels
  • Screening of potential candidates
  • Scheduling of Interviews of Candidates
  • Participation in Candidate Interviews
  • Feedback of results to candidates
  • Lead background checks on candidates
  • Lead Contract Negotiations
  • Prepare and disburse hiring contracts
  • Handover of successful candidates to People & Culture department after contract signing.
  • Notify hiring managers of progress at each stage of the hiring process, as well as regular updates
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by the reporting manager.


  • Show a marked reduction in the overall ‘Time to Hire’ (TTH) metrics in the first 6 months.
  • Lead in the creation and adoption of hiring protocols in the Country.
  • Create guidelines for non-resident hiring managers to help them in decision making around hiring decisions locally.
  • Create a system and process for internal publication of career opportunities that open up, and help in identifying potential internal matches for these opportunities early on in the process.


  • Managing relationships, deliverables and accounts of any hiring vendors Andela may chose to employ
  • Working towards strategic positioning of the brand that can show positive ROI in the hiring process.

How To Apply
Click here to apply. 

Applicants to apply through here by 30th June, 2017.

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